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by Donzella Michele Malone.

Dr. Margo Prade was an incredibly magnetic, intelligent and warm individual. At only forty one years old, her short life ended in tragedy on November 26, 1997 the day before Thanksgiving. This true story of Dr. Margo Prade has touched many and made national headlines. HBO, Arts & Entertainment Network, and Dateline MSNBC are among the leading networks that continue to air Dr. Margo Prade’s murder, the investigation and murder trial. Reminiscent of the O. J. and Nichole Simpson murder investigation, there are mysteries that remain intertwined in the murder of this remarkable woman.

At the tender age of seventeen, Margo Shamberger met twenty-seven-year old police officer Douglas Prade. Over the years, the marriage became tumultuous and laden with marital skew; while their careers loomed. Douglas Prade quickly rose to become a police captain, while Margo’s patient list grew to an astounding 7,000 patients. After eighteen years, Margo became fed up with Douglas' control and infidelity. Changes were inevitable…but at what cost?

Remembering Margo is a heartfelt tribute to the life of an extraordinary and gifted physician, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and colleague. Dr. Margo Prade was a community icon whose indelible, amazing life and story should never be forgotten.

DONZELLA MICHELE MALONE is a clinical counselor and adjunct university professor. She holds undergraduate degrees in both criminal justice technology and political science, and a graduate degree in clinical social work. Remembering Margo is the author's first published work.

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Remembering Margo-A novel by Donzella Michele Malone
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