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Donzella Michele Malone

Hello, my name is Donzella Michele Malone. I am a new author of a novel entitled: Remembering Margo: A Triumphant Life, A Tragic Death And Life's Greatest Deception. Dr. Margo Shamberger Prade was an extraordinary human being. Her life was cut short on November 26, 1997 the day before Thanksgiving. Dr. Margo Prade's murder, murder investigation and trail reached national headlines; and continues to air on shows such as: HBO, A&E Network, Dateline MSNBC; to name a few. Now, my novel offers the "story behind the story." Too often when sensational murders create a media frenzy across the country, we become "caught up" with the intrigue of the crime, but never seek to know the victim. Knowing the victim makes this story what it is. You will laugh and you will cry as you journey through the indelible life of Dr. Margo Prade. Readers have shared this novel is "Oprah Worthy" and that it "Reads like a Lifetime Movie." You be the judge. Get to Know Dr. Margo Shamberger Prade, and you will see why her story is so unique and special; and her death so tragic. Visit or Also check the shelves of your local Borders and Barnes and Noble book stores. If the store does not have the book, they can order it for you. Once you've read it, feel free to e-mail me and share your thoughts! I'd like that very much! My e-mail address is also located on the rear flap of the book's dust cover; or send me a message on myspace. Thanks so much! Peace!

Donzella Michele Malone, Author

Remembering Margo-A novel by Donzella Michele Malone
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